Apple Researching on Integrated Solar Power Converters

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Today, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office reveals an Apple patent application, which describes about a solar based power management system than can be applied in Apple’s devices, and ultimately replacing large exterior converters.

According to the patent filing, Apple is not trying to build a new solar power system as it did before; rather the company prefers to work on the current technology to apply it in the present products.

According to Apple Insider, the integrated power management system contains a system micro controller (SMC) and a charger. The power will flow through either an AC-to-DC adapter or the photovoltaic cells of the solar panel. The charger’s power stages are joined with the step-down-DC-to-DC converters. A charger IC examines the incoming power, transform it into a suitable voltage and provide it either into an input current loop, a battery current loop, an output voltage loop or an input voltage loop in order to regulate the charging process.   

The electronic products are becoming more powerful day by day, but they require more powers to be fed in. In this case, the battery capacity limits the portable device’s ability of getting a huge amount of power. The solar power converters can be very useful to solve this problem.  It will also solve the problem of using the bulky external converters.



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