MacBook Pro Scores Lowest Point on iFixit’s Repairability Test

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According to ZDNet, the latest models of MacBook get a very low score from iFixit due to its poor repairability.

The new 13 inch and 15 inch models scored only 1 out of 10 points, which clearly shows that they are the most difficult devices to be repaired by the engineers of iFixit.

Like Apple’s other latest devices, the components of the new MacBook Pro are soldered onto the logic board, making it very difficult to get fixed. The battery has been soldered into the case which makes it very hard to be pulled out. Again, the trackpad cable can be damaged at the time of extraction as it is surrounded by the battery. Moreover, the RAM is irreplaceable as it is soldered into the motherboard.

The recently released MacBook Pro has been found with a changed solid state technology, constructed with PCIe-based new SSDs which provide a massive storage capacity of 1 TB. But according to iFixit, the drives are not built with the standard format of 2.5 inch.

Nonetheless, these facts will not be able to prevent the customers from buying the latest MacBook Pro as their excitement about the new device knows no bound.





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