iPhone Estimated to Generate a Massive 33.4 Million Unit Sales in the Last Quarter Year

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According to CNN, the analysts have revealed that the iPhone has generated a huge sale, ranging from 29 million to 38 million units, with an average of 33.4 million units.

The iPhones not only generate the massive sales but also rapidly grabbing the place of Mac as Apple’s major product.

44 analysts were found involved in the estimation. Among them 23 analysts are professionals; the other 21 persons are amateurs. They were found with an average estimation of 33.4 million, which is a 24% increase from the same quarter last year.

Mani Ghasemlou, working in Independent Braeburn Group, is the highest estimator with his predicted 38 million unit sales. However, the lowest estimate of 29 million has been made by Ben Retizes from Barclay.

Apple is going to reveal its last quarter year’s fiscal report on 28th October.




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