iMessage Security Issue: Apple Denies to Get Access to Users' Messages

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After the revealing of NSA snooping scandal, Apple has stated a number of times that the company is not able to see the messages of iMessage users. But a security firm finds that the tech giant is capable of spying the iMessages.

According to Cnet, QuarksLab, a security firm, revealed a white paper on Thursday, stating a process by which the Apple can enter into the iMessage system. They reported that the giant company is able to interrupt messages between sender and recipient. But in this case, Apple is required to completely change the function of the iMessage app and the arrangement of the codes between different communication systems.  

5 months ago, Apple published a statement, saying that the iMessage system is entirely secured.

However, Trudy Muller, an Apple spokeswoman, has responded to QuarksLab’s recent report, stating that the tech giant is not interested to get access into the users’ iMessages.

Muller says to All Things D, “The research discussed theoretical vulnerabilities that would require Apple to re-engineer the iMessage system to exploit it, and Apple has no plans or intentions to do so”.

In spite of the statement, the users are still in doubt of the iMessage security issue.  



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