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No New Local Apple Stores for America

Any Americans hoping a new Apple Store will open closer to their home are sure to be disappointed. Although apple promised to open close to 30 stores in the U.S. during 2013, it hasn’t happened.

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No New Local Apple Stores for America
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There were only four new stores opened by Apple within the 2013 fiscal year. That is not even half the amount the company promised to produce. Moreover, those four stores are all so close to other Apple Store locations that it takes only about 30 minutes to drive from one Apple Store to the next, doing nothing for broadening the company’s footprint. There were some other new stores introduced, but those were all replacements for stores that were in those area locations earlier.

The hindered expansion signals the continuation of vast black-out areas. Some of the areas into which Apple lacks physical presence includes large sections of the Midwest, the expanse between San Francisco and Portland Ore., as well as from New Orleans to Tampa, as noted by Forbes.

However, there were new Apple Stores open in other countries. China, like the U.S., received four new locations while France, Italy, Australia, and Canada were each given three new stores. One store was the number granted to Sweden, Spain, and Germany. The new stores that popped up in the U.S. are located in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Utah. The replacement stores were opened in Utah, Ohio, and New York.

The first international store Apple ever opened was in Tokyo, Japan November 2003. More emphasis was placed on opening stores in international locations when in 2008 the U.S suffered from economic issues. From that point, the majority of the focus was placed on opening overseas Apple Stores. During the four years following the 2008 U.S economic drop-off only 27 percent of the new stores opened were located in the U.S.


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