Apple to Reveal A Cheaper iMac Model Next Year

This is the Surface Studio

Apple Insider reports that Apple may release a cheaper version of iMac within the upcoming year.

Kuo, who is well known for making accurate prediction about Apple’s upcoming products and their features, makes a strong statement about Apple’s endeavor of bringing a cost effective iMac.

The analyst also predicts that the cheaper iMacs will enhance Apple’s Non-US shipments significantly, ranging from 10 to 20 percent in the next year.

Kuo states that the sales of 2012 version of iMac were not up to the tech giant’s expectation. As a result, Apple has planned to develop a cheaper version of iMac which will help them to generate a record breaking sale.

The reduction of the price iMac will be a great strategy for Apple to knockout its other major rivals in the highly competitive PC market.

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