iPhone 5S Faces “The Blue Screen of Death!”

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According to The Verge, the iPhone 5S is suffering from such a problem which affected millions of personal computers in the 90s-the terror of “The Blue Screen of Death!”

The iphone 5S users state that the Blue Screen of Death, abbreviated as BSOD, is forcing their devices to turn off randomly, just after a flash of the blue screen.

The problem mainly occurs at the time of performing multiple tasks by using iWork-Apple’s Office software. However, some of the iPhone owners inform that the error is also caused in other applications as well, such as: Safari, Facetime etc.

More than twenty years ago, all the personal computers also faced the same problem, where a blue screen would appear and the computer began to restart on a constant basis.

However, Apple is expected to solve the issue very soon by revealing a software update.

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