Apple’s iOS7 has Plenty of Bugs

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Troy Wolverton of San Jose Mercury News reports that a high number of Apple users who adopted iOS 7 have had complaints from the very beginning and more issues with the new system continue to arise. Apple fans have always loved getting what is exciting and new from the company, but this is one addition they would like to give back.  Anyone who dares to Google the term ‘iOS problems’ will find long, extensive lists posted by annoyed Apple users.

Hackers have enjoyed picking iOS 7 apart, having quickly uncovered a lock screen flaw. Now it appears that more troubles with the OS are surfacing, as a number of users report that iMessage ironically will not send messages.

Apple has been addressing the emerging issues one by one, having raced to issue a fix for the screen lock problem and now informing the Wall Street Journal of plans to repair the iMessage concerns. However, the company still has a long way to go when it comes to repairing all the issues users are reporting. Progress has yet to be made on the fact that iOS 7 significantly drains device batteries.

All of this is not even to mention the fact that some users start feeling sick whenever they use iOS 7. The motions of the apps zooming in and out of view makes many users nauseated and dizzy.  Other problems with iOS 7 include text labels that are hard to read, color schemes that make render the phone useless to those with vision issues, system crashes, and more.

Many iPhone users are having to use a backup cell phone and wait for the day when Apple straightens out all the iOS 7 bugs. Some are furious that there is no way to revert to iOS 6.

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