Apple Rumored to Design Flexible OLED Display for its iWatch

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Chosun libo, a Korean based news website, reports that Apple is rumored to use a bendable display in its highly anticipated iWatch.

Today, Chosun libo states that a plastic OLED screen is going to be applied in the iWatch which has the ability to bend itself. Other reputed companies, such as: Samsung, use rigid display in their devices.

According to Cnet, the tech giant is rumored to build iWatch with three different models; each contains screens of different sizes.

It has been also rumored that Apple has already built a prototype of 1.5 inches. It is expected that the company will also built two more prototypes with a size of 1.4 and 1.3 inches respectively.

Apple is expected to reveal its iWatch within this year. But the company is required to come up with outstanding innovation to survive in the highly competitive market of wearable products.

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