Former MobileMe customers lose complementary 20 GB iCloud storage

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Apple is notifying former MobileMe users of the change that’s coming having to do with their iCloud storage. The change will see the complementary 20 GB of file storage Apple has been giving those former customers for the past two years eliminated.

Apple says that those affected by the change will either need to downgrade to the 5 GB storage plan available for free with iCloud, or pay for additional storage. Keeping the current 20 GB of storage will cost users $40 per year. 50 GB of storage is available for $100 per year and 10 GB of storage is available at $20 per year.

Users currently using more than 5 GB of storage space will have key features such as iCloud Backup, Documents in the Cloud, and iCloud Mail stop functioning. Once those accounts come under the 5 GB limit, the features will begin working again.

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