Why does iPhone 5S Beat Out Surface 2?

This is the Surface Studio

Fox News knew that the story is one that simply must be told, so they did. One tech company rolls out to the market a device that is only slightly upgraded when compared to the prior model, yet they manage to break sales records over just one weekend, selling more than nine million devices. Another company in the industry introduces its state-of-the –art devices and get not much more response than the sound of crickets chirping.

For some reason Microsoft continues to lag behind in the market while Apple is ‘living it up’. It clearly has nothing to do with the quality of the devices sold. After all, the iPhone 5c and 5c models feature upgrades that are quite modest when compared to the previous versions. On the other hand, the new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 have been called ‘computing powerhouses’, offering features that mostly all other PCs fail to provide. Even still, consumers have given Apple an overwhelmingly positive response for the company’s new releases and paying Microsoft nearly no heed at all.

The two companies have been competing for decades. Many remember the old ‘I’m a PC, I’m a Mac’ adverts. It used to be that Apple users were set apart from everyone else, as if higher, and the company was ever the poster-child for ingenuity, but not anymore. No longer are iPads and iPhones rare and only for the elite of society. They have become so common that preschoolers, grandmothers, and everyone in-between seems to own at least one of these devices. All of this has not succeeded in changing the way people flock to Apple’s shiniest new products.

Apple has been deemed a magic maker. The company has managed to take the most complex and advanced technologies and mold them into simplistic, easy to use devises that even the least technically minded can master operating. This effect has been named ‘Apple’s Midas touch’, notwithstanding those alluring gold iPhones.

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