Apple’s iOS 7 Defies Criticism

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According to NY Times, approximately 18 percent of all iOS devices were upgraded with the new OS within 24 hours after its release. This information was based on a sampling of ad impressions in North America. These high adoption rates for iOS 7 are even higher than those for iOS 6. As Chitika reports, on the first day of its release, only 14.8 percent of iOS devices were upgraded to iOS 6.

This represents a victory for Apple, as they proven theassessments of their many critics incorrect. It’s very important to the company that their customers continue to use the latest software releases. The new features are not available on older devices. The updates help to encourage those using older devices to upgrade to a new one, increasing Apple’s revenue.

Some of the criticism spouted by so-called tech influencers concerning iOS 7 was that it was not attractively designed and awkward to use. The high adoption rates seem to teach the lesson that everyday people are not interested in things tech influencers say. The overwhelming response has helped to drive this point across, in spite of all the naysayers.

Criticism of Apple’s new releases is nothing new. It was a similar situation when iOS 6 was released just last year. Complaints about the maps app were not rare. Nevertheless, in only five months after being released, approximately 300 million iOS devices have been updated with the new OS. Consider this count in light of the fact that Apple had only sold about 500 million devices total at the time.

It’s true that iOS 7 comes with a bigger change to the system than usual, but consumers seem to be welcoming it openly. According to the Twitter analytics company, Topsy, 1.2 million of the seven million Twitter posts about iOS 7 sampled were positive. The majority of the negative tweets were about complaints over having to wait for the iOS 7 download.

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