SquareTrade Says IPhone 5S and IPhone 5C Aren't As Durable As Previous Models

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SquareTrade is a company that sells protection plans for all sorts of gadgets including Apple iPhones. The company recently said that it has tested five smartphones including the new Apple iPhone 5C and 5S. The company claims that its tests show that the new iPhones aren’t as durable as previous versions.

The testing including determining if the new iPhones to withstand drops, water, and other hazards. Despite the new iPhone models not being as durable as previous models, the company reports that the worst performer was the new Samsung Galaxy S 4.

The company says that device will work after being submerged in water and dropped five-feet on the ground. The company rates devices on a scale of one to 10. The higher the number, the more likely it is to be damaged. The iPhone 5S scored 5.5 while the iPhone 5C scored six. The Galaxy S 4 scored seven.

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