New OS X Trojan Discovered

This is the Surface Studio

A security company named Intego recently discovered a new malware package aimed at OS X users. The malware is called OSX/Leverage.A and reportedly appears to be another targeted command-and-control Trojan horse. This particular Trojan has apparent associations with the Syrian Electric Army.

Only days after the Trojan was discovered, Apple has already blocked the ability for the Trojan to run using a XProtect update. The Trojan was distributed as an application that was disguised as a picture of people kissing, reportedly a scene from a TV show called Leverage.

Once the Trojan installer was opened, it opened an embedded version of the image in the Apple preview program in an attempt to trick people into believing it was just a picture. The program then installed the Trojan in the background. The Trojan also reportedly had modifications that prevented it from showing up as a running application in the dock or application switch list.

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