Apple’s A7 Processor Inside the iPhone 5S Reportedly Built by Samsung!

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It is not secret that Apple and Samsung are each other’s fierce competitor in the market of mobile devices. But it seems that both the companies need each other in developing their devices as a report reveals that Apple’s A7 processor has been made by no other than its fiercest rival Samsung!

Chipworks in cooperation with iFixit made an inspection, ripping the device apart and examining each component carefully. They have surprisingly found that Apple’s A7 chip has been made using Samsung’s new 28nm processor.

Chipworks states that they have noticed Samsung’s 28 NM Hi K metal gate (HKMG) in the Apple’s A7 chip. The same process has also been observed in case of Samsung Exynos Application processor employed in the Galaxy S IV.

Everyone is really surprised to see that Apple is using the component of its smartphone rival “Samsung”.  But it is what the business is!

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