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What Type of Core Does Apple's 64-bit A7 Really Have?
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What Type of Core Does Apple's 64-bit A7 Really Have?

Sep 21 2013, 11:29am CDT | by

Apple's 64-bit A7 Chip

Experts say that Apple’s A7chip is not quad-core, but instead has a dual-core design. This breaks a trend that has been set with Androids, but it does not mean a lack of power. Some find this quite...

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What Type of Core Does Apple's 64-bit A7 Really Have?

Sep 21 2013, 11:29am CDT | by

Apple's 64-bit A7 Chip

Experts say that Apple’s A7chip is not quad-core, but instead has a dual-core design. This breaks a trend that has been set with Androids, but it does not mean a lack of power. Some find this quite surprising, as they consider quad-core processors the wave of the future. Surely, new releases from Apple would be on the cutting-edge of technology, right?

Apple seems to express no shame in boldly crafting their new chip to have a dual, not quad core. However, this was not a fact they widely publicized. It took the use of tools which count cores to reveal the actual number, sending experts to Apple with questions.

This does not mean the company is slipping in its game, by far. Apple has not skimped on performance, and indeed wouldn’t, considering the company’s reputation. Their release of a dual-core chip only demonstrates confidence. Some other companies would not dare to present a new, cutting-edge phone with anything less than four cores, but Apple can do it.

Tests of the iPhone 5S prove that there is no lack of power and speed at all. In fact, the A7 processor appears to be even faster than the A6, and many are finding that it is the fastest chip they have ever tested, going even beyond ARM’s Cortex A15 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800. Apparently, the dual-core is more than sufficient.

It should not be forgotten that A7 is the very first design for smartphones that is 64-bit ARM-based, making for a smooth experience when using apps that have been 64-bit optimized. Plus, other Apple tricks, such as an improved graphics engine helps accelerate speed.


Although Apple has not responded to inquiries regarding their new A7 chip, it appears that the company has succeeded in wowing yet again.


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