How Many will Update to iOS 7?

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Finally the much anticipated iOS 7 update is available to the public. Those who own an iPad Mini, iPad 2 or higher, iPhone 4 or above, or a 5th generation iPod touch can now get their update, but will they? When it came to less extreme changes to mobile OS, many were quick to update. Now experts wonder if the response will be the same for iOS 7.

Chitika reports that US and Canadian users quickly adopted iOS 6.1 and 6.12. From this, it can be speculated that iOS device users are generally quick to switch to the latest versions. Their response is partially due to Apple’s update mechanism. It pushes software updates to all devices simultaneously, without respect to carrier. Moving to iOS 7 proves to be a drastic change. It holds a completely new look and everything is different than what users have become accustomed to, including the working of features and way of navigating. Some surely will find that getting used to the new design will take some time, changes that some may not be ready for.

Updating to iOS 7 proves to be a very simple process. Simply take a look at the General > Software Update section that is found in the iOS Settings. For using the wired method, connect the device to a computer that has iTunes installed. Due to the high demand, it may take some time to get the updates downloaded.

Meanwhile, many interested parties are sitting back and watching the adoption rates come rolling in. They are curious to see just what these figures will be and how they compare to the rates seen with other updates.

Watching the response of users over new Apple releases is always an interesting thing. Technical wizards that have less techy friends and family might want to be prepared to suddenly come into high demand as others experience issues in downloading the update and learning their way around iOS 7.

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