Apple TV 6.0 Revealed with iTunes Radio and AirPlay from iCloud Functionality

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After months of undergoing different tests, the latest version of Apple TV has been released on Friday.

Apple TV 6.0 offers several great features. According to Wired, the latest update provides support for the recently revealed iTunes Radio Music service, photos and videos of iCloud, iTunes Music Store purchases, Podcasts and AirPlay feature from iCloud .

The AirPlay feature from iCloud enables the users of iTunes to enjoy the content purchased from iTunes store on any Apple TV by streaming via iCloud.

In recent months, the tech giant has been very busy in boosting its Apple TV content . The company has revealed several additional apps for The Disney Channel, The Weather Channel, Vevo and The Smithsonian Channel. There is also a speculation that the giant company has been working with the upgraded hardware of its new version of Apple TV, which might be released later this year.

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