Unlocked iPhone 5c Models Remain in Short Supply

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Many consumers are already in a rush to get their hands on the brand new iPhone 5c that is set to launch on Friday, September 20th. The yellow version of the 16 GB model appears to be the most popular, being the first of the launch-day stock to run out. Other models of the device are now following suit getting to be in increasingly shorter supply before launch-day has even arrived. This might mean disappointment for those who planned to by their iPhone 5c in-store on the date of launch.

This simply proves the principle of buying new versions of the iPhone valid. Those who want the latest versions must be ready with money in hand weeks in advance. Although September 20th, 2013 is supposed to be the date the iPhone 5c hits stores, current shipping dates on all five colors is currently set for September 25th. The unlocked models of the iPhone 5c, which are the ones that are 16 GB and come priced at $549, are the ones in shortest supply. Even the green 32 GB iPhone 5c, which is not one of the most popular models, is showing a shipping date set for September 25.

The low availability of the iPhone 5c is a phenomenon mainly limited to the US. Availability shows as still good in other markets, with shipping dates still set for the launch date of September 20th, the only exception is outlying areas where delivery naturally can be several days more, and Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, shortages mimic that of what is being seen in the US. All models quickly moved to a shipping date that is 1-2 weeks beyond the originally set launch date.

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