Tokyo Apple Store Opens Early to Say iPhone Campers from Big Storm

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Technology fans are willing to camp out for days or weeks ahead of the official launch of a new Apple device, such as the iPhone, are unlikely to be turned away by bad weather. This is exactly what happened at a Tokyo Apple Store today when a group of iPhone campers were hit with very severe weather from a typhoon that struck the city.

When Apple Store employees saw how uncomfortable the campers were, they opened the store early at 7:30 AM and allowed the customers to stay inside the weather. The Apple store employees even gave them bottled water and chairs to rest in.

It’s unclear what happened after the storm passed. We don’t know if the iPhone campers were allowed to stay inside the store all day, or kicked out as soon as the rain stopped. It’s pretty nice that the Apple store workers opened to allow the campers inside out what was reportedly a bad storm with heavy rain and very high winds.

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