64-bit Apple Chip FAQ Answers Your Questions

This is the Surface Studio

You may be a little confused by the new processor that Apple unveiled in the new iPhone 5S. Thankfully, CNET put together an interesting fact that rounds up all the details about that processor and puts them in one place. The FAQ does confirm that Apple is the only manufacturer using a 64-bit processor a smartphone at this time.

Other major ARM chip users including QUALCOMM, Nvidia, and others, all of whom currently use 32-bit chips. Analyst Linley Gwennap says, “To achieve this feat[first with 64-bit], Apple must have designed its own custom CPU.”

The big benefit of 64-bit is that it can address more RAM allowing devices to have more memory. The downside is that because it’s the first 64-bit processor there are few 64-bit apps. Most current apps won’t see any benefit from 64-bit processor.

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