New Docks, Cases, 2M Lightning Cable For iDevices Will Be Available On 20th September

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We will not let go the plethora of accessories revealed from Tim Cook’s bag at Apple’s mega event. The most pronounced of them all, the lightening docks and phone cases, that were taken down since long by Apple for some unknown reasons. But now, after the historic 10th September event, you can grab the remarkable docking devices and cases for the latest iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, the new iPhone 5C( no C is not for cheap) and iPods. The price tag is not asking much for the docks here($29). The rejuvenation to the docks came when the tech giant received augmented number of requests from the customers across the world complaining about the need of first hand quality docking solutions.  

Coming to the cases, the most stunning ones rolled out for iPhone 5C, available in different colors like Yellow, Blue, Green, Black, giving a perfect match for the polycarbonate body.  The new phone releases and accessories are really living up to all the previous hypes and rumors that surrounded iDevices before the event. There is no official date for shipping for now, however, the pick date at Apple official outlet says “Visit an Apple Retail Store starting 9/20”. That’s not all, the accessory bag of Apple also had an audio line(2M) out port that let’s you connect the speakers and Earpods. The 2M line will also let you enjoy speakerphone calls while the device is docked.


Experts perceive this rejuvenation to the docking domain as a great step towards depleting the third party interventions. Who’s unaware of the abundant other solutions for docking devices but every customer(including myself) prefer a first party, brand new and clean dock and the fruit company has really incorporated the needs here. But I wonder why there was not a universal lightning dock, may be, the tech giant didn’t get enough time to pay excessive heed here, better luck next time.   

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