Apple TV Software Update Will Be Rolled Out September 18th Says New Leak

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It seems Tim Cook didn’t get enough time to discuss anything besides the new phones or Apple is not looking to give everything in one shot. There were much murmurs and tweaks regarding the Apple TV software update, but nothing was heard from the officials at the mega event.In our last update about Apple TV, we predicted a possible software revamp for the hobby entertainment device on the iPhone 5S launch event. But the tech giant have some more plans to beef up the fun for you. A latest leak from AllThingsD claimed that the Apple TV software update is in process and it will be launched on September 18th, the same day when iOS 7 is rolling out. 

The new Apple TV update having the support for the latest cloud based functionalities for streaming will be a game changer for Apple TV and likely to give tough time to Chrome Cast( sighs, we must have a hardware update for Apple TV as well). Experts see the absence of 128GB iPhone 5S on yesterday’s event as an acknowledgement of Apple to deploy most of the stream services and data storage on Cloud. Main Airplay system behind this software update is the power of cloud, which will allow the owners to enjoy the live streaming on different devices.


The iCloud TV services are triggered because of the much welcomed release from the Mountain View, the Chrome Cast. The cloud based streaming is the future and here is a recommendation for all the prospective customers out there, hold it a bit and go for the Apple TV software update to enjoy the real virtualizations capacities of Cloud. 

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