360° Coverage : iPhone 5S Rolling Out : Insight On Expected Design And Specs

iPhone 5S Rolling Out : Insight On Expected Design And Specs

iPhone 5S is going to hit the market. In this article we will tell you about the expected design and specs of this much anticipated handset from the tech giant. Read on to get the gist of the mega event

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iPhone 5S Rolling Out : Insight On Expected Design And Specs
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So you must be all braced up in the saddle and stirring up as the much awaited iPhone 5S is just around the corner. But it’s not just iPhone 5S that’s one the brink to be revealed. In the race to rattle the competitor's nuts, Apple is likely to nudge the market as we expect a plethora of new releases in the Apple’s bag, like the most anticipated Bargain basement iPhone-C, that’s likely a gift for the Chinese, a splashing release related to the music Romeos because the market is just elevated in the favor for Apple’s rivals like Spotify, a Radio service for Apple TV and lastly, a release that is likely to be a game changer for Apple, the iOS7. But for now, let’s just focus the lens for the main polestar for the launch event, the wriggling iPhone 5S.

Hardware—All tweaked up with Finger Print Scanner

So what can you expect in the iPhone5S hardware? Well, it has been ages since we are hearing the the Biometric security integration from the tech giant but amid the latest release, there was a photo leak from a Chinese news outlet( aren’t Chinese much engrossed in iPhone these days?) depicting a silver "ring" around the iPhone's black home button that is for sure, the finger print scanner for the Biometric security. Apart from this, obliterate anything from your mind regarding any other hardware or design tweak, it will be same as iPhone5.

Display—Worth It

 As the rumors in May 2013 suggested, there will be yanks and wrenches in the iPhone 5S display. iPhone 5S will likely to have a double the screen resolution that will shrink the bezel, thus elevating the pixel quality up to 1.5 million. Retina+ with Sharp IGZO display is likely to gear up the display of the cynosure of Wednesday's event. Source from the Apple’s supply chain also confirmed to Chinese outlet(yet again) that Apple is giving a Touch On Display panel for 5S developed by its partner from Taiwan

Camera—nothing much confirmed till yet

Some rumors have testified that in a race to wallop the hoots of the competitors in the “mega pixel race”, Apple decided to give a 13 MP camera for the 5S. Let’s hope for the best but some other sources also touted that there will not be any bombastic change, just some tweaks, a beefier camera and rear flash integration.

Software--- bumped up, with iOS7

Yes, iOS 7 is going to spice things up, an exquisite, relishing Apple’s new effort that is likely to be in the limelight on Wednesday's event. With all tweaked up fancy design and frilly back end features, iOS 7 will features new redesigned icons, along with some new arrivals like the Control Center that lives throughout the phone and an improved browser experience.

Battery- Wriggled Up with wireless charging

Yes, there are some flops and jolts here as well . A rumor with a leaked photo last year suggested that there will be a battery revamp for iPhone 5S, probably from 5.45Whr battery to the 5.45Whr. But that’s not a big deal. Here is a jaw dropping wire for you folks, we expect to have wireless charging now for iPhone5S as Apple signed a contract for patent application for Wireless Power Utilization, a wireless charging system with near-field magnetic system.



 It’s always hard to dwindle the nut when it comes to cover the likeliness of a sizzling event like that of Wednesday. All eyes on Apple now and surely,we will let you wired about any new update and chinks.


Fahad Saleem is an experienced technology writer with special interest in Apple.


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