Geeks are Already Lining up for the iPhone 5S

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Any time Apple gets ready to launch a new product people start lining up well ahead of any announcement. This is especially true when new iPhones are expected. People will be camped out for weeks in some instances before new devices are actually announced.

CNET reports that four people are already in line and camping out to be the first to get their hands on the iPhone 5S. The people are camping outside of the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York. Two of the guys, seen in the photo above, say that they won’t have any problem camping out until the September 20 on sale date for the new device.

At least that’s the day people are anticipating the next generation iPhones will be available to purchase. No one will actually know when the devices will be available until the official announcement tomorrow. Would you wait days or weeks in line to get an iPhone 5S early?

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