Samsung Passes Apple in Global Internet Use on Smartphones

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A new report has surfaced from metrics firm StatCounter that shows Samsung has taken over the lead in global Internet use via smartphones from Apple. I’ve been surprised for years that Apple held onto that lead considering it’s the only company making iOS devices whereas Android has multiple manufacturers. Samsung is certainly the most popular manufacturer of Android devices and according to the new statistics more people are accessing the Internet from smartphone using Samsung devices than the iPhone.

The report shows that the month of August, 26.59% of all global mobile web usage came from Samsung device users. That compares to 23.39% for Apple. Even more surprising than those numbers is that Nokia accounted for 21.66% of all mobile web users.

Apple continues to have a strong lead in the United States with 52% of all Internet traffic coming from the iPhone and other Apple devices. The number two spot the US goes to Samsung with a little less than 19%. The iPhone also beats out Samsung the UK. It’s countries such as Russia and elsewhere that Android gets such a significant lead.

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