Belkin WeMo Insight Switch Lets You Monitor Electricity Usage from Your iPhone

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If you’re a fan of home automation and being able to control various devices in your home using your smartphone, Belkin has announced a new device that works along with your iPhone. The device is called the WeMo Insight Switch and uses your in-home Wi-Fi network and allows you to connect to whatever you plug into the outlet via an iPhone application.

Using the application, you can keep an eye on how much power connected devices consume and how much money that power is costing you. You can also use the application to put your devices on a specific schedule and receive notifications when a connected device is turned on or off. The Insight Switch plugs directly into your electrical outlet and connects to an existing Wi-Fi network.

The WeMo app is available free of charge and can be programmed to turn connected devices on or off based on various local occurrences such as sunrise or sundown. The Inside Switch will be available in early November for $59.99. You can access connected devices from anywhere you can get an Internet connection with the app installed on your iPhone.

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