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US students to visit India for IT projects
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US students to visit India for IT projects

Sep 7 2013, 6:54am CDT | by IANS

New York, Sep 7 (IANS) Eighteen students from the University of Michigan US will spend eight weeks in India in the summer of 2014 to work on various information technology projects.

New York, Sep 7 — Eighteen students from the University of Michigan US will spend eight weeks in India in the summer of 2014 to work on various information technology projects. They will be going to...

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51 weeks ago

US students to visit India for IT projects

Sep 7 2013, 6:54am CDT | by IANS

New York, Sep 7 (IANS) Eighteen students from the University of Michigan US will spend eight weeks in India in the summer of 2014 to work on various information technology projects.

New York, Sep 7 — Eighteen students from the University of Michigan US will spend eight weeks in India in the summer of 2014 to work on various information technology projects.

They will be going to India under the Global Information Engagement Programme of the university's School of Information, according to a university statement.

The programme has been granted $1.8 million by the university provost's office.

"The School of Information has strong ties with India, and our new Global Information Engagement Programme will allow our students to strengthen that bond with hands-on experience, solving problems and serving the global community even before they graduate," Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, dean of the School of Information, said.

Among the projects the students will work on are a smartphone application to book train tickets for Mumbai local trains, a language learning application for deaf students in India, and an online repository for consultation for human rights for a Bangalore lawyers collective.

The selected students will self-organise into groups of two to four. Though they will primarily come from the School of Information, the teams are allowed to recruit graduate students from other university programmes to round out skill sets, the statement said.

"Once the student groups choose their projects, we will work with each team so they will have a customised training programme tailored to their projects," Joyojeet Pal, an Indian who is the faculty lead of the programme, said.

"Before the students go to India, they would have already studied the problem for a few months," he said.


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5 days ago

Karbonn looks to in-house handset production in India: Q&A with executive director

Aug 27 2014 3:08am CDT | Source: Digitimes

Karbonn, the second-largest India-based handset vendor, is looking into in-house production. Digitimes recently sat down with company executive director Shashin Devsare to disc ...
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5 days ago

Gaining an advantage in emerging markets: Q&A with India-based handset player Micromax

Aug 26 2014 11:30pm CDT | Source: Digitimes

Sales of handsets in the India market reached 61.07 million units in the first quarter of 2014, with smartphones accounting for 17.59 million units or 28.8%. Notably, smartphone sales showed a 186% on-year growth in the first quarter compared to a 31% growth recorded in China, indicating rising growth momentum in India, according to IDC. The market research firm expects smartphone sales in India to top 80.57 million units in 2014, with a CAGR of over 4 ...
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5 days ago

Voices from India: How can Taiwan best tap the booming India handset market

Aug 26 2014 11:27pm CDT | Source: Digitimes

There will be an estimated 250 million handsets sold in the India market in 2014, 35% of which will be smartphones, an increase from the 23% in 2013. However, with a population of 1.2 billion and an underdeveloped infrastructure in India has resulted in a complicated system for marketing handsets and offering after-sale service. To collect direct information on the India market, Digitimes interviewed four India-b ...
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6 days ago

Overview: Rising pan-Indian Ocean regional smartphone market represents huge potential for Taiwan firms

Aug 25 2014 11:26pm CDT | Source: Digitimes

Approximately eight years ago, Digitimes ran a special topic, entitled "To go, or not to go," to explore whether India is a market worth investing in for Taiwan-based businesses. While major cultural differences and complicated labor regulations are of great concern for Taiwan-based companies to set up factories in India, Digitimes has always believed that India is a market worth cultivating for Taiwan businesses. And this opinion has not ch ...
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1 week ago

India government looks forward to cooperating with Taiwan to develop local handset industry: Digitimes president talks with top officials from India's Ministry of Communications & IT

Aug 25 2014 4:20am CDT | Source: Digitimes

During Digitimes president Colley Hwang's recent trip to India, he had the opportunity to meet with various government and industry leaders, including Shri R.S. Sharma, secretary (Electronics and Information Technology), Ministry of Communications & IT and Ajay Kumar, joint secretary, Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeiTY) - two high ranking officers in the government unit that promotes and handles India's handset industry development - in order t ...
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3 weeks ago

How India Is Different Than China

Aug 8 2014 6:00pm CDT | Source: Daring Fireball

Ben Thompson, regarding the aforelinked Bloomberg piece on Apple selling the iPhone 4 in India: Ultimately, I think these numbers confirm my hypothesis: Apple is indeed the preferred vendor for people at the top of the market, but because the iPhone is priced (about) the same everywhere in the world, its market share is a function of a country’s average income and the way in which that income is distributed. To be fair, this is hardly a controversial thesis: the more pertinent t ...
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4 weeks ago

Indian Congress Launches Probe into Inefficient LED Streetlights

Jul 31 2014 11:01pm CDT | Source: LEDinside

Governments around the globe have welcomed LED streetlights for its energy saving features and promising cost effectiveness, but a government lighting project in Vadodara, India h ...
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5 weeks ago

John Sculley wants to take Obi Mobiles Global Next Year

Jul 26 2014 11:16am CDT | Source: Patently Apple

Former Apple CEO John Sculley, who recently launched low-cost smartphone brand Obi in India, plans to take his products to other emerging markets next year. Scully stated that ... ...
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5 weeks ago

India market: Mobile platform providers to ramp up market share by tying up with local smartphone vendors

Jul 22 2014 12:43am CDT | Source: Digitimes

Mobile platform providers Microsoft, Google and Mozilla have geared up efforts to expand their market shares in India by cooperating with local handset vend ...
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6 weeks ago

Apple brings two-step verification to 48 new countries

Jul 17 2014 3:30pm CDT | Source: Cult of Mac

Today Apple rolled out two-step verification for Apple ID accounts in 48 new countries. With the addition of countries like China, Japan, India, and France, two-step verification for Apple IDs is now suppor ...
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