360° Coverage : German Store Features 128GB iPhone 5 Option in Store Inventory

German Store Features 128GB iPhone 5 Option in Store Inventory

German store prepares for upcoming Apple announcement, makes room for 128GB iPhone 5

Aug 22 2013, 6:24am CDT | by

iPhone 5 to gain a 128GB option this Fall
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Rumor has it that Apple intends to release a 128GB iPhone 5S option this Fall when the next-generation iPhone is announced, and this seems likely in light of the 128GB iPad 4 option Apple announced earlier this Spring. It also seems likely that Apple would add this option in order to appeal to business professionals who need the extra gigs of storage to send documents, files, and so on. 


While cloud storage has become the new form of storage for many, business professionals who rely on PCs and have yet to embrace mobile technology are also the type to hold on to local memory storage instead of embracing cloud storage. Some refuse to embrace cloud storage because Apple’s iCloud comes with an annual fee that many do not wish to pay. 


A German store is wasting no time preparing for the launch of a 128GB iPhone 5S this Fall. The German inventory system shows a productiPhone 5 128GB” with the word “Schwarz” beside it. The inventory list mentions the 16GB iPhone 5 and the 32GB iPhone 5, but no 64GB iPhone 5 – leading many to look at this placeholder as a strange thing indeed. The site TodaysiPhone seems to suggest that the 128GB iPhone 5 does not have a serial number at the German store – which suggests that this inventory list is more along the lines of wishful thinking than anything else. 


Bunton also criticized carrier VodaFone UK when, some months ago, the carrier placed a “4G iPhone 6” in its inventory system – leading some to think that we would see an iPhone 6, not the iPhone 5S as many called it. At the time, Bunton, with his experience in Apple retail, stated that this inventory description meant nothing as far as Apple’s intentions. VodaFone may have simply included the placeholder for the new iPhone, but the company could not state for sure that Apple’s new iPhone would be the iPhone 6. 


It seems that the lack of a serial number is a dead giveaway that Apple has yet to confirm this device. At the same time, the most interesting piece of information about the German store inventory list has nothing to do with the 128GB iPhone 5, but with the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 5 products. One recent rumor suggests that Apple’s iPhone 5C will replace the iPhone 5 while keeping the $0 iPhone 4S in Apple’s product lineup. At the same time, if the German inventory list is correct, Apple will eliminate the iPhone 4S instead and have an entire lineup of nothing but iPhone 5s: iPhone 5 (original), iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5C. 


This seems to sit well with the prediction from KGI Securities that the iPhone 5C will be the $0 phone on-contract ($350-$450 off-contract). It doesn’t seem likely that Apple would have two phones for free with a two-year agreement, so the iPhone 4S is the likely candidate to depart. Additionally, the glass back of the iPhone 4S is hard to replace, so Apple may be getting rid of the traditional glass back so that it can focus on repairing only metal and plastic/fiberglass smartphones


While these are all plausible points, only Apple can tell us the truth – and only September 10th can reveal all. 



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