iOS 7 Beta 4 Reveals iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner Under Home Button

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Apple is not one to come out and reveal what it intends to do in the future, but our favorite fruit company has finally leaked an important fact about the upcoming product presentation this September. A recent iOS 7 Beta 4 photo that shows the upcoming beta version of iOS 7 to be released to developers contains a look into what is called an “accessibilitybundles” folder. In the folder lies another folder labeled “BiometricKitUI.axbundle.” 


The name of this sub-folder is significant because it shows that Apple is interested in some sort of biometric security (some way to provide security for iOS users involving the human body). This at least tells us that Apple will include some sort of human security measure into iOS 7. 


There’s more to reveal, however. Apple has even provided instructions or a diagram of what type of action its users will perform while experiencing the human security measure. Above the BiometricKitUI sub-folder lies the words, 


Photo of a person holding their iPhone  with their right hand while touching the Home button with their thumb


and also the following about the iPhone’s process during the security scan:


A fingerprint that changes colour during the setup process,” 


Followed by “Recognition is complete.”


As the picture above conveys, this picture seems to be legitimate for iOS 7 beta and, with so many developers having access to iOS 7 in beta mode, we can be sure that the above photo is authentic entirely. According to The Verge, iOS developer Hamaz Sood announced the news via his Twitter page earlier today. 


What does the above photo tell us? First, we know that there will be a human security measure; secondly, it tells us that the person will touch the home button – thus authenticating the claim that the security measure (likely a fingerprint scanner) will be located in the home button instead of the display (a recent rumor). Last but not least, the fingerprint will change color as the scanner recognizes it and processes the fingerprint to determine whether it is the person at hand. 


We can discern one more thing about the photo: the fingerprint scanner will be baked into iOS 7, not simply a part of the software for the iPhone 5S. After all, in the past, Apple has presented new software for the iPhone, such as Passbook, that has not been incorporated into the iPad 3 or 4. 


Apple could incorporate Passbook into these in the future however, but the fact that the fingerprint scanner will come pre-loaded into iOS 7 means that Apple has greater intentions for biometric security than just the iPhone 5S. By placing the scanner into iOS, Apple intends to have it work on all of its new devices – iPhone 5S, iPad 5, iPod Touch 6th generation, the low-cost iPhone (referred to these days as the iPhone 5C) – as well as past-generation iPhones. The iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 could likely receive the new security measure as well. 


In many cases, when some info such as this is leaked, readers often believe that this information leaked because of people with inside knowledge who go against Apple’s wishes. Somehow, I think that Google has shown us with its upcoming Moto X that sometimes, companies want these small tidbits of info revealed to generate hype and excitement for upcoming products. After all, if no one knows about them, what excitement will exist? And who will purchase the new product (s)?


Are you excited about a fingerprint scanner baked into iOS 7? Do you favor a fingerprint scanner as hardware, or are you excited that it will come in the software only? Let us know in the comments below.


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