Ontario and Orlando Apple Stores to Open on July 27th

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Despite investor concerns about Apple’s stock prices, Cupertino seems to be doing particularly well – that is, if you consider the company’s plans to open two new Apple stores in both the US and Canada in a matter of days. 


While Canada already has 11 Apple stores (four in Toronto, seven elsewhere), Apple plans to open up a 12th Apple Store in Markham, Ontario, on July 27. The Markham location will be at the Markham Shopping Centre, the largest shopping mall in Markham with 160 + stores. 


As for the Florida location, Apple will plant another Apple Store in the new Florida Mall Retail Store (the largest shopping center in Orlando) on the same day as the Markham Apple Store launch. Interestingly enough, Apple’s new store will be right beside Microsoft’s retail store – a humorous location if you ask me. Microsoft recently wrote off a $900 million debt for its unsold Surface tablets, and the Apple store launch adjacent to it should only make its financial matters worse. 


Both stores will open on Saturday, July 27, 2013 @9:30am. Apple has been known to offer commemorative t-shirts in the past, so we’re waiting to see what Apple does this time. 


Apple currently owns 247 stores in the US, with a new store in Florida making #248. Apple also owns 28 stores in Canada, with the new Markham store as #29. Apple owns over 400 retail stores worldwide, with 38 countries having access to Apple’s online retail store. The company brings in sales of $16 billion annually. 


Do you live close to either the Markham Apple Store or the Florida Mall Retail Store? If so, we’d appreciate it if you could drop us a line and tell us about your experience at the new launches.

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