Best Buy Wants Your iPad 2 or 3—Again

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Some two weeks ago, Best Buy offered to trade-in an iPad 2 or 3 for $200 toward the price of a new iPad 4 or an iPad 5 (due later this Fall). Apparently, the two-day trade-in was so successful that Best Buy would like to open it up once more. This means that you can now take your iPad 2 or iPad 3 with Retina to your local Best Buy and get a spending credit that can be applied towards the new iPad 5, an iPad 4, or even new supplies for your iPhone or other iGadgets lying around the house. 

The deal is actually a nice one; since the starting 16GB iPad 4 costs $499.99, a $200 discount due to your excellent condition trade-in will result in a price tag of only $299.99 – how many brand new iPads can you buy for that price? 

As said above, Best Buy will give you $200 toward a new iPad on the condition that your iPad is in excellent shape. If your iPad has water damage or cracks in the screen, you may not receive the $200 Best Buy promises. As an additional incentive to iPads in good condition, Best Buy may actually grant you more than $200. Another condition to keep in mind about the Best Buy trade-in is that it can only be completed in Best Buy stores; no online trade-ins allowed. 


One other piece of advice to those who have never traded in their iPad 2 or 3 before: it’s likely that you’ve had your iPad for at least a year or two, and likely have lots of photos, apps, and documents on it. Before you trade in your device, you need to backup your content to iTunes via your USB cable. It is important to do this so that you do not need to download your apps and upload photos and documents to your new iPad. Once you see how easy it is to save and restore your documents and apps with a new iPad, letting go of the old one is easy. 


The iPad 2 or iPad 3 trade-in will start today and end on August 3rd. If you’re a parent, consider this a “back-to-school” special for your child. Trade in your iPad 2 or iPad 3 while the offer lasts. 




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