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Apple Takes Top Rank In "Cooler" Survey

Apple Takes Top Rank In "Cooler" Survey

Feb 22 2013, 7:55am CST | by

Microsoft not far behind, though

Despite the company's recent stock price problems, there is still one word that people use synonymously with Apple: "cool." According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, 60% of adults aged 18 to 29...

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1 year ago

Apple Takes Top Rank In "Cooler" Survey

Feb 22 2013, 7:55am CST | by

Microsoft not far behind, though

Despite the company's recent stock price problems, there is still one word that people use synonymously with Apple: "cool." According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, 60% of adults aged 18 to 29 think that Apple is cooler now than it was a year ago.

That's pretty impressive, considering Apple was already regarded as just about the coolest tech company in the industry. In addition, it shows that Apple's image hasn't really been damaged too badly since the death of Steve Jobs. Sales might be another thing, but people still look to the company as a beacon of the latest tech must-haves (its only problem might be that too many people now have its gadgets).

Apple is starting to get some competition in the world of "cool," though. In the same poll, an impressive 50% of respondents felt that Microsoft is now cooler than it was last year.

The software giant has taken a very aggressive approach to appeal to the hip young tech crowd. It revamped its logo for the first time in years, it has opened its very first retail stores, and it actually entered the tablet fray with its own first-party manufactured device, Surface.

In fact, that's higher than both Twitter and Facebook. Only 42% of young adults think Facebook is cooler than it was a year ago, and only 47% feel that way about Twitter.

If you think about it, both social networks haven't done much to keep their momentum going; they have been staying at the status quo. Nothing wrong with that, but it means that people aren't seeing an increasing value with either platform.


6 hours ago

Microsoft uses Apple's Siri to prop up Windows' new 'Cortana' virtual assistant

Jul 28 2014 5:35pm CDT | Source: Apple Insider

In a new ad released on Monday, Microsoft highlights the apparent inadequacies of Apple's Siri virtual assistant, which is pitted unfavorably in a head-to-head feature test with "Cortana," its Windows 8.1 analo ...
Source: Apple Insider  Full article at: Apple Insider


7 hours ago

Apple shares hit new 52-week high

Jul 28 2014 3:54pm CDT | Source: Mac Daily News

google_ad_client = "ca-pub-9654279268749293"; /* Article Body, 336x280, Above the fold */ google_ad_slot = "0670981169"; google_ad_width = 336; google_ad_height = 280; //--> Shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL) rose $1.35, or 1.38%, to close at $99.02, a new 52-week closing high. Apple’s intraday 52-week high stands at $99.24, also set during trading today.   Apple’s previous 52-week closing high was $97.67, set ...
Source: Mac Daily News   Full article at: Mac Daily News


9 hours ago

A new report says the ‘iWatch’ and 5.5-inch ‘iPhone 6′ might not arrive until December

Jul 28 2014 1:53pm CDT | Source: App Advice

If youre ready to purchase the long-rumored iWatch or iPhone 6 with a 5.5-inch screen, you might need to be patient. A new report says both highly anticipated pieces of hardware may not arrive until December.That information comes from GforGames, relaying the information from inside sources from Apples supply chain.If the information is correct, those two products, along with the next-generation iPad Air and iPad mini, will all enter mass production in Septe ...
Source: App Advice  Full article at: App Advice


12 hours ago

Cortana Leaves Siri Behind in New Windows 8.1 Phone Ad

Jul 28 2014 11:24am CDT | Source: I4U News: Apple

Microsoft is already in the process of rolling out its new Windows Phone 8.1 OS for all the WP8 devices. And the tech giant has launched a brand new ad that shows all the exciting n ...
Source: I4U News: Apple   Full article at: I4U News: Apple


13 hours ago

Microsoft takes shot at Siri in new ad

Jul 28 2014 10:00am CDT | Source: TUAW

Microsoft's Cortana voice assistant is an impressive addition to the company's Windows Phone software, and while Siri's update in iOS 8 will likely give Apple's digital gal the edge once again, Cortana has the lead at the momen ...
Source: TUAW   Full article at: TUAW


17 hours ago

Microsoft releases Siri-bashing ad first seen at its developer’s conference

Jul 28 2014 5:54am CDT | Source: 9to5Mac

Microsoft ads seem to make a habit of bashing Apple, even using Siri’s voice to do so – and without the company concerning itself too much about accuracy. Microsoft has now released the 30-second commercial it first showed at its developer’s conference back in April …  As ever, Microsoft cherry-picks its examples to demonstrate the supposedly superior capabilities of its own Cortana rival. So far, at least, it doesn’t look like either Apple or Android handset manufacturers a ...
Source: 9to5Mac   Full article at: 9to5Mac


18 hours ago

Microsoft launches a new Siri vs. Cortana ad, highlights Cortana’s smart reminders

Jul 28 2014 5:10am CDT | Source: App Advice

Microsoft has launched a brand new ad showing off its “Halo”-inspired Cortana virtual assistant, and in the advertisement, the software goes head-to-head with Apple’s own Siri. Highlighting Cortana’s smart, context-aware reminder feature, the ad presents a series of commands which Microsoft’s virtual assistant is able to intelligently process. Siri, on the other hand, struggles when it comes to creating more complex reminders based on calls and locations. Here’s the ad: If you ...
Source: App Advice  Full article at: App Advice


20 hours ago

Microsoft Launches New Cortana vs. Siri Ad Showing Off Context-Aware Reminders

Jul 28 2014 2:56am CDT | Source: Mac Rumors

Microsoft today launched a new commercial comparing its new Cortana virtual assistant to Apple's virtual assistant Siri, demonstrating how the former is able to perform contextually-aware tasks using a number of services. Titled "Happy Anniversary", the commercial shows Cortana and Windows Phone 8.1 running on the Nokia Lumia 635 as the narrator makes commands related around a weddi ...
Source: Mac Rumors   Full article at: Mac Rumors


21 hours ago

New Surface to come into production in August, say Taiwan maker

Jul 28 2014 2:15am CDT | Source: Digitimes

Microsoft is expected to launch a 10.6-inch new version of Surface in October 2014, with production of components to begin in August and volume production of the tablet to kick off in September, according to source with Taiwan-based supply chain makers. ...
Source: Digitimes  Full article at: Digitimes


21 hours ago

Microsoft Touts Cortana Over Siri in New Ad [Video]

Jul 28 2014 2:03am CDT | Source: iClarified

Microsoft is touting Cortana, its new personal assistant, over Siri in a new ad entitled, 'Happy Anniversary'.Say hello to Cortana, your new personal assistant. Cortana will remind you to leave early to beat traffic and help you get to your destination on time, will remind you that you need milk when passing the grocery store, and will remind you to say happy birthday when your mom calls. Available ...
Source: iClarified   Full article at: iClarified


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