Samsung Takes Device Crown From Apple

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There has been no shortage of negative news for Apple so far in 2013, whether or not it’s fully deserved. Nevertheless, the unfortunate trend is continuing, as Apple is no longer the top vendor of smart devices.

In 2012, Samsung sold a record 250 million “smart connected devices,” which encompass everything from computers to tablets to smartphones. Much of that came from the company’s explosive growth in the smartphone market, but it also earned enough sales from its Galaxy Tab brand to put it over the top.

Apple’s total sales across its Mac computer brand, the iPad family, and the iPhone product line, reached around 219 million units. So its market share was about 2.5 percentage points less than Samsung. In 2011, it was the market share leader.

These numbers come from highly regarded industry tracking firm IDC. Because this study was designed to look at all the different device segments in aggregate, there is no specific information on exactly where Apple lost footing.

Likely, though, it lost ground in all segments. In 2011, the iPad was just about the only tablet on the market, and the iPhone had all the luster. Now, the Galaxy brand has huge brand recognition.

Samsung, however, does not have a huge hold on the traditional PC market. It may have actually gained some traction with its Chromebook, though. For Apple, the Mac computer brand has remained relatively stale.

In other words, Apple isn’t necessarily doing anything wrong. It’s just that Samsung has surprised a lot of people with the way it has done everything so right.

Via Apple Insider

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