Rumor: Smaller Apple TV On The Way

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While the idea of plugging devices into a TV is becoming less and less relevant, maybe if it was so small it didn’t cause any clutter, it would be more amenable for today’s consumers. That must be what Apple is thinking, based on revealed FCC documents for what appears to be a smaller version of the current Apple TV set-top box.

Also noted in the FCC filing is that the device will carry an A5X SoC, which provides faster processing power with a reduced form factor. So it looks like Apple is looking to not only improve the aesthetics of the Apple TV but also the functionality and performance of it as well.

The documents don’t go into those details, but they certainly do suggest that Apple isn’t willing to drop the Apple TV any time soon, even though it is among the least glamorous products on the company’s current product line.

The Apple TV has been an interesting journey for Apple. It certainly has enough of a following now to warrant constant updates and new feature rollouts. However, it hasn’t done for the set-top box industry what the iPad did for mobile computing or what the iPhone did for smartphones.

Perhaps that’s because the set-top box industry was already on its way to being irrelevant before Apple stepped in. The idea of connecting more devices to a TV is definitely an archaic one these days, especially as TVs have multimedia and Internet-connected content built in.

The only people who will buy an Apple TV are people who already have Apple products. That is not the case with the iPhone or iPad, and that’s why it hasn’t been such a commercial success. If and when Apple launches an actual, full-fledged TV set, then there might be a different story.

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