The Rumored 128GB iPad Could Go As High As $929

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Is the United States ready for a $1,000 iPad? That’s how much the newest model of the device might go for after you factor in sales tax. According to the latest reports, Apple is in fact getting ready to launch a new iPad that would be exactly the same as the current units on the market but with one exception – it will have double the storage capacity of the current top-end model.

For the first time, solid price speculation about this new unit is coming to the forefront, with the suggestion that the WiFi version will retail for $729 and the one with mobile data service will go for a whopping $929.

Even though streaming media is becoming all the rage, there is still a distinct need to download content, especially on devices like the iPad which are very popular during situations where it is impossible to connect to the Internet, like on the subway or on a plane.

It is crazy to think that 64 GB is not enough capacity to satiate users, but to those who absolutely need to have every piece of multimedia content in hard storage on their iPad, it is comprehensible.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all the different iPad models. Because Apple has a tendency to release new units on an annual basis, the company realized that it needed to halt on the whole numbering thing, and instead started to just revert back to the original “iPad” name for all units.

In spite of the company’s marketing efforts to have everyone call every Apple tablet they ever buy an “iPad,” those within the industry are still keeping track, and right now we are up to the iPad 4.

So this new model appears to be a new version of the iPad 4. Of course, Apple has not said anything official about this.

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