The Latest Apple Rumor: A Cheap, Plastic iPhone

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There is truly never a quiet moment over at the Apple rumor mills. One of the most recent bits of speculation right now is that the company is working on what could be its most price-conscious smartphone yet, and it could be a plastic hybrid of numerous different Apple products.

According to a report on iLounge, Apple’s budget iPhone would take elements from the iPhone 5, the iPod Touch, and, believe it or not, the iPod classic. This of course means that it would be a little bulkier because it would use cheaper parts, but it would be more attractive to customers who aren’t keen on the idea of spending $200+ on a new phone, or upwards of several hundred dollars for an unlocked version.

The report claims that, from a head-on perspective, the device will look very similar to the iPhone 5. However, the innards will just be a bit on the cheap side. The exterior will, as well, as it would be primarily made out of plastic.

Apple is of course still reeling from the massive loss of value that has occurred over the past few months. One of the reasons that Apple’s bubble is bursting is because it hasn’t expanded its horizons to the lower end of the consumer spectrum. That absolutely needs to change if Apple wants to turn its fortunes back around.

Alongside the new, “cheap” iPhone, Apple is expected to unveil its latest iteration for those who do expect to pay full price for every new installment. It’s unlikely that this one will be called the iPhone 6.

Because of Apple’s increasingly predictable naming convention, everyone is expecting the next, official successor to the iPhone 5 to be called the iPhone 5S.

Via iLounge

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