Apple CEO Tim Cook: You'd Rather Work For Us Than Exxon

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For a company that hasn’t really been in the news lately, hasn’t delivered any sort of cataclysmic new product or service, and remains nothing more than a company of necessity, Exxon is sure getting a lot of attention right now. That’s because, without even trying, the company has recaptured the title of most valuable company in the world, thanks to Apple’s incredible decline in stock price. That isn’t having any effect on Apple CEO Tim Cook’s ego, though.

Clearly it is not a comfortable time to be working for Apple. At least, that is for the people who were working there just a few short months ago. They could walk down the streets and boast about working for Apple. Now, if they mention it they’re probably met with a bunch of questions about why everyone’s stock portfolio value went off the deep end.

So to address this concern, Cook held a town hall meeting at the company’s corporate headquarters. He referenced the highly publicized fact that Exxon overtook Apple’s spot in the stock market, saying, “The only companies that report better quarters pump oil. I do not know about you all, but I do not want to work for those companies.”

Among the more specific details that Cook discussed was the urgency of getting a new person to head up Apple’s retail operations (which became the source of much negative press last year, even when the rest of the company was doing well).

Cook also reiterated his belief that Android is not a sever long-term threat, mainly because of its fragmentation problems. He said Google is just trying to scarf down market share, saying that won’t work in the long run. Apple will rise again because it is the company that makes quality products, Cook said.

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