Dutch Marketing Firm Wants To Make An iPhone Case With A Cup Holder

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In the 1980s, a revolution happened that changed the standard for one of the biggest industries on the planet – the automobile cup holder that we all know and love was pioneered, mainly as a result to the increased popularity of fast-foot drive-thrus. The year is now 2012, and a company called Natwerk thinks a similar revolution is now poised to take place.

Alright, that might be a bit lofty, but given that Natwek is a marketing firm, that is probably the mindset with which it is running with this idea. The company is working on an iPhone case that has an attached cup holder.

The company is currently seeking funding to get the project off the ground and put into market one of the most conversation-worthy smartphone cases ever created.

Think about it – you walk into Starbucks, grab your overpriced cup of joe, and then head outside to make your way to the office. Well, what if you want to check your email in the elevator? Or how about if you get a call while you’re stuck at a crosswalk?

You may be able to just hold your coffee in one hand and grab your phone with the other, but what if you need to type something? Or what if you also need to carry a briefcase or piece of luggage?

Are these enough questions to convince you that an iPhone case with a cup holder is a good idea? Then you can see why the Uppercup is likely to make its way to the market.

Natwerk has place the project on Indiegogo, seeking $25,000 in investment pledges. Those who pledge $30 will get an Uppercup when it is actually completed. That should be some time in April 2013.

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