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Steve Wozniak Not Happy With "Jobs" Biopic

Steve Wozniak Not Happy With "Jobs" Biopic

Jan 25 2013, 3:00am CST | by

Says from what he's seen, it isn't true

Former Apple bigwig Steve Wozniak has slammed the much-hyped Hollywood biography of the late Steve Jobs, saying that the beginning of the flick does not even come close to accurately portraying the...

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Steve Wozniak Not Happy With "Jobs" Biopic

Jan 25 2013, 3:00am CST | by

Says from what he's seen, it isn't true

Former Apple bigwig Steve Wozniak has slammed the much-hyped Hollywood biography of the late Steve Jobs, saying that the beginning of the flick does not even come close to accurately portraying the early days of Jobs. Wozniak, who is known better by the moniker "Woz," says that Jobs was actually much slower than he was when it came to seeing the big picture back in the 1970s.

Between Woz and Jobs, Woz was always the technical-minded person while Jobs was the business guru. The movie, however, gives Jobs a lot of the credit for being the breakthrough voice in the forming of what would eventually be Apple Computer.

In a clip from the early part of the movie, Jobs, portrayed by Ashton Kutcher, is depicted trying to convince everyone that the world is ready for a personal computer. The theatrical depiction of Woz, played by Josh Gad, criticizes the idea, saying that individual people don't want to buy computers.

In an interview with Gizmodo, the real Woz says that isn't at all how it happened in the early days. He says Jobs just wanted a quick buck and had no grand vision - at the time - about wanting to turn computers into a mass market concept.

He told Gizmodo that Jobs came to one of his college computer club meetings one night "and didn't start talking about this great social impact. His idea was to make a $20 PC board and sell it for $40 to help people at the club build the computer I'd given away. Steve came from selling surplus parts at HalTed he always saw a way to make a quick buck off my designs (this was the 5th time)."

"The lofty talk came much further down the line," Woz said.

He encouraged people to read his book, iWoz, which he says is a more accurate account of the building ground that would become Apple.

As for the movie, it's set to hit theaters on April 19.

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