Popular Fireworks App Goes Free For New Year's Eve

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If you can’t make it out into the real world to partake in celebrations or festivities for New Year’s Eve this year, you can always sit at home and look at your iPad screen. Alright, that might be a little over-dramatic, but for those who would appreciate the ability to display a digital fireworks show before you ring in the beginning of 2013, the App Store has some good news for you.

Real Fireworks HD, which is usually available for $4.99, is currently free. It’s a promotion that is sure to draw a ton of people who would normally never pay $5 just for some digital splashes of light and color.

It isn’t necessarily quite as boring as it sounds. The app offers massive amounts of customization, allowing users to tweak everything from the size of the colored particles to the speed at which they fall, and even the sounds they make.

You could hook it up to an Apple TV to have a digital fireworks display crackling away during your party, or you could just have it running on your iPad and show it off to people.

Either way, it certainly beats having to pay five bucks just for some tablet-sized fireworks. It also beats breaking the law and/or burning your hands if you go out and buy real fireworks.

Incidentally, the iPhone version of the app (Real Fireworks) is and always has been free, but it contains ads. The HD version for the iPad is ad-free.

The time to pick up Real Fireworks HD for free is limited, though, so head over to the App Store now.


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