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Tablet Web Traffic Dominated By iPad

Tablet Web Traffic Dominated By iPad

Dec 28 2012, 4:00pm CST | by

87%, to be exact

While there are all sorts of stories about how Amazon's Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus 7 have been chipping away at Apple's dominance in the tablet market, there are some statistics that tend to...

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1 year ago

Tablet Web Traffic Dominated By iPad

Dec 28 2012, 4:00pm CST | by

87%, to be exact

While there are all sorts of stories about how Amazon's Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus 7 have been chipping away at Apple's dominance in the tablet market, there are some statistics that tend to suggest that Apple still has the market locked up pretty tightly.

Perhaps none moreso than the analysis of Web traffic done by analytics firm Chitika Insights. According to its data, 87% of all tablet-driven online traffic is still coming from iPads.

It is indeed true that Amazon's Kindle Fire is the second most popular tablet, but even in the #2 slot it is only managing to grab just under 5% of the tablet traffic.

Below that, Samsung Galaxy Tab devices are scaling the charts at 3%. And as for Google's miraculous Nexus 7, well, that one tips the scales at just 1.2%.

Every single other tablet platform doesn't even clock in at 1%. Microsoft Surface tablets, incidentally, are only driving 0.2% of tablet Web traffic, putting it well behind the even less heralded Acer Iconia, Toshiba Thrive, and yes, even the Blackberry Playbook.

Here is the complete list of the top 10 tablets based on Web traffic:

- iPad (87%)
- Kindle Fire (4.88%)
- Galaxy Tab (3.04%)
- Google Nexus (1.22%)
- Acer Transformer (0.95%)
- Nook (0.91%)
- Blackberry Playbook (0.80%)
- Acer Iconia (0.76%)
- Toshiba Thrive (0.60%)
- Motorola Xoom (0.59%)

So, fear not, iPad, your competition may be making a name for itself but they've still got a long way before they catch up to you.



12 minutes ago

Terraria for iOS gets biggest update yet featuring Hard Mode, combat targeting and more

Aug 28 2014 12:16am CDT | Source: App Advice

Earlier today, we reported that the biggest update yet to the iOS edition of Terraria would be released “any day.” Well, as it turns out, “any day” is also today, seeing as said update is out now on the App Store.As expected, the latest update to the popular sandbox adventure game introduces Hard Mode, which has long been available in the game’s desktop and console versions. To enter Hard Mode, you first have to defeat the Wall of Flesh, ...
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35 minutes ago

Microsoft updates Xbox One SmartGlass with game clip recording and more features

Aug 27 2014 11:54pm CDT | Source: App Advice

Just over a week after its last major update (which introduced remote purchasing and other features), Xbox One SmartGlass has received yet another significant update.The latest update to the official iOS companion app of Microsoft’s flagship Xbox One entertainment console delivers a number of new capabilities. Most notably, these include the ability to record game clips right from the app and several social networking enhancements.According to its release notes, the new version of Xbox O ...
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1 hour ago

Report: Costco phone kiosks will begin selling AppleCare+ tomorrow

Aug 27 2014 11:12pm CDT | Source: MacNN

A leaked internal memo seems to reveal that Costco's in-store wireless kiosks may begin offering AppleCare+ on iPhones and iPads beginning on Thursday, August 28. The offer applies only to devices activated at the kiosk rather than iPhones or iPads that may be offered on the main sales floor. Costco resumed selling iTunes gift cards after a nearly four-year dispute with Apple ended in early June; iPhone and iPad sales were resumed just befor ...
Source: MacNN   Full article at: MacNN


1 hour ago

Gameloft’s Heroes of Order & Chaos is first mobile MOBA to feature Twitch integration

Aug 27 2014 11:09pm CDT | Source: App Advice

Gameloft has just updated its popular mobile MOBA, Heroes of Order & Chaos, with the ability to stream gameplay via the newly Amazon-acquired gaming-focused video streaming platform, Twitch.The new feature is touted by Gameloft as a first in the sphere of mobile MOBAs. “For the first time on a mobile MOBA,” the popular game developer and publisher notes, “stream your battles to a live audience and interact with them, using the built-in support for c ...
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1 hour ago

Smash hit 'BioShock' comes to iPhone, iPad with iOS-specific controls

Aug 27 2014 11:00pm CDT | Source: Apple Insider

After years of rumors and speculation, developer 2K Games on Wednesday finally released a universal BioShock port for iOS, bringing the critically acclaimed first-person shooter to ...
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1 hour ago

Return to Rapture with Bioshock for iOS, out now on the App Store worldwide

Aug 27 2014 10:39pm CDT | Source: App Advice

The long-awaited iOS port of Bioshock is out now on the App Store worldwide. BioShock for iOS is a direct, albeit scaled-back, port of the classic first-person shooter, which was originally released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 seven years ago.“One of the greatest first person shooters of all time, BioShock comes to iOS!” teases developer 2K Games. “BioShock is the ‘genetically enhanced’ first person shooter where you can turn everything into a we ...
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2 hours ago

Bitizens take over Sin City as NimbleBit officially launches Tiny Tower Vegas on iOS

Aug 27 2014 10:14pm CDT | Source: App Advice

As expected (a bit earlier than expected, actually), NimbleBit has officially launched Tiny Tower Vegas on iOS.Tiny Tower Vegas was officially announced by the Pocket Planes and Disco Zoo developer a couple of months back. It was then soft-launched on the App Store in Canada a month ago. And now, it’s finally out worldwide. As its name suggests, the game is a Vegas-themed edition of NimbleBit’s hit business simulation game, Tiny Tower. As such, it has pl ...
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2 hours ago

Costco to Start Selling AppleCare+ for iPhone and iPad Tomorrow

Aug 27 2014 10:09pm CDT | Source: iClarified

Costco is set to begin selling AppleCare+ for iPhone and iPad in its wireless kiosks tomorrow, according to a leaked memo posted by 9to5Mac.Starting tomorrow 8/28, the Wireless Kiosk will begin selling AppleCare+ warranties on iPhones and iPads (connected/embedded iPads only). *This does not apply to non-embedded iPads sold on Majors sales floor.Costco had stopped selling iPods and iTunes Store gift cards back in 2010 but in June it announced a new deal with Apple to sell iPhones and iPads. Sha ...
Source: iClarified   Full article at: iClarified


2 hours ago

BioShock for iOS brings the classic console shooter to the small screen

Aug 27 2014 9:48pm CDT | Source: 9to5Mac

Earlier this month, 2K Games announced that it would be bringing its landmark horror-shooter BioShock to the iPhone and iPad. Tonight, the game finally arrived on the App Store in most of its original glory. The story, game mechanics, level design, and audio have all be ported to the mobile devices, though the graphics have been toned down to make it run on phones and tablets. BioShock is set in the underwater would-be utopia of Rapture, which has been overrun b ...
Source: 9to5Mac   Full article at: 9to5Mac


2 hours ago

Apple once again denied US sales ban on patent-infringing Samsung devices

Aug 27 2014 9:37pm CDT | Source: App Advice

Apple has once again failed to secure a ban on the sales in the U.S. of Samsung smartphones and tablets that have been found to infringe on its patents.According to a new report by Bloomberg, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh denied Apple’s request, even as it already constituted a “narrowly tailored” ban following Koh’s second rejection last month.For its latest request, Apple suggested a more limited injunction on Samsung products, including the Admire, Ga ...
Source: App Advice  Full article at: App Advice


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