Apple Store "Geniuses" Inspire New GM Policy

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General Motors has set up a new policy that requires every one of its dealerships have at least one expert that can help train new vehicle buyers about the in-car technology. According to Reuters, Apple’s Apple Store “genius” concept is similar to GM’s new program.

When you buy a new car, the process is admittedly still incredibly antiquated. For such a major purchase, a lot of questions about the technology remain unanswered. Compare that to buying a computer at Best Buy or the Apple Store, for example.

The problem, according to GM, is that even though the sophistication of in-car systems has significantly increased, the dealerships have not kept up-to-date.

As GM’s manager of the connected customer team Mark Harland told Reuters, “You see a lot of people get into the vehicle, and they can’t figure out the damned system. They get frustrated, and they get online and bash it, and that ends up on J.D. Power and Associates.”

So now, every dealership must have one person or more who knows everything about MyLink, CUE, and IntelliLink. In addition, the company is adding a dedicated section of its call center to specifically address questions about in-car technology.

GM is at the forefront of in-car advancements. It is quickly making OnStar a standard feature, and before too long it will not be uncommon to see new cars equipped as roaming mobile hotspots.

“It’s not good enough to just give someone a set of keys and say, ‘See you later.’ We need to help people with the technology,” said Harland.

Via Chicago Tribune

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