Apple Leads Mobile Shopping Revolution Last Weekend

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There was a nearly 100% increase in the amount of online shoppers who completed transactions on mobile devices during the Black Friday weekend this year, compared to the same period in 2011. The new numbers, tabulated by IBM, show that things are already looking promising for the 2012 holiday shopping season.

According to IBM, 24% of people who bought something online this weekend made a purchase from a mobile device. Last year, that number was just 14.3%. The data calculated both smartphone purchases as well as tablet purchases. And the devices that led the way for this growth were of course Apple devices.

In fact, among all purchases made via a tablet, 88.3% of them came from an iPad.

When you group in the iPad and iPhone together, Apple devices accounted for 18.5% of all the online transactions that occurred this past weekend. Not bad.

Android only accounted for 5.5% of online sales, which is still up significantly over last year, but the rate of growth across iOS devices was unparalleled.

Among the other tablet devices that accounted for noteworthy online sales, surprisingly the Nook was the leader. It grabbed 3.1% of all tablet-enabled transactions. Kindle products, like the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD, accounted for 2.4%. The Galaxy Tab family generated just 1.8% of sales.

IBM’s numbers came from a representative group of more than one million online transactions across 500 different retailers.

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