Apple Appeals Kodak Bankruptcy Ruling

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Not content to be in the middle of just one epic corporate patent battle, Apple is striking back at a federal judge after he decided that Apple could not prevent Kodak from selling off two of its patents that Apple claimed were infringing on its own patents.

Kodak is in the middle of a gigantic bankruptcy ordeal, and in the process of reorganizing the company it is liquidating as many of its assets as possible. This of course includes its intellectual property. Kodak is giving away a slew of its patents to the highest bidder.

But a handful of those patents should never have belonged to Kodak in the first place, Apple claims, because Apple already owned similar patents that were certified before Kodak claimed them.

US Judge Allan Gropper found that there was a legitimate question about eight of the 10 patents Apple claimed, but let two of them go. Apple has appealed the decision and is not content with those two slipping through the cracks.

If Apple wins, of course, it doesn’t really take home much other than a sense of satisfaction. Every company is trying to get what it can out of Kodak, so Apple is just another kid at the table.

Kodak has a total of more than one thousand patents up for sale, so two patents won’t cause a huge shift in its bankruptcy process. But on the flip side, the company needs everything it can get, and it also needs all of its legal power to focus on the reorganization.

This hassle with Apple is just a lose-lose situation.

Via BusinessWeek

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