Apple Stores Now Offer iPhone Price-Matching

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Apple wants you to buy your iPhone through its official retail channel, even if it has to suck it up and sell it for the same price as Best Buy or Radio Shack.

It began to seem pretty ridiculous that walking into an Apple Store to buy an iPhone 4S would cost you $200, but you could just head over to the nearest Target and get it for $150.

Likewise, the iPhone 4 is being offered for $50 less than the Apple Store at places like Best Buy and Radio Shack, along with Sprint and AT&T stores.

So to make it seem like it actually cares about its customers, Apple has implemented a price matching policy so you can walk into an Apple Store and pay the same prices.

Of course, you’ll need to specifically mention the store that offers the product at a cheaper price. The list price at Apple Store locations is not going up.

So you have to be an informed customer if you head into the store.

On the same note, anyone buying an iPhone from Apple’s online store will still have to pay the full retail price.

Via Mac Rumors

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